It is often a difficult decision to choose what type of hairstyle you want to show off on your wedding day, as you walk down the aisle in front of family and friends.  The best advice for choosing your wedding do is to consider a number of variables regarding your wedding day and your own style.

  •  What type of wedding ceremony are you having?  If you are having a very formal affair, perhaps a sophisticated up do is more appropriate.  If you are having a less formal wedding, free flowing hair may be more suitable.
  • What is the location of your wedding?  If you are having an outside wedding, you will need to take the weather into consideration.  If it happens to be a windy day, your flowing hair may get swept into your face, and pictures may be more difficult to take.
  • What hairstyle looks good and works with your veil?  You will want to ensure your veil will stay in the hairstyle you choose.  If you are wearing your hair down, you may need to use additional pins to keep a lengthy veil in place.  You may want to consider pulling half of your hair up in order to center your hair with the veil clip.  However, if you are wearing a XXX veil, an up do may not work well or sit right.
  • Do you want a completely different and unique look for your big day or do you want to keep your day to day look?  If you want to jazz up your look for your wedding day, try wearing a hairstyle that you don’t typically wear.  If you’re use to sporting ponytails and wearing your hair up, try loose flowing curls or ringlets rather than an up do.  If you wear your hair down most days, try a half up do or complete up do to give your normal look a different effect.  You may even opt for hair extensions or a hair piece if you want an extra added effect.  These pieces are sold at many hair salons, and hairstylists can help you match your hair color perfectly.  If you want to ensure you’re comfortable with your style, and don’t want anything too flashy, wear the style you typically wear, just ensure your hair is clean and any flyaways are smoothed down to ensure a sleek look on your wedding day.

Before deciding, you should test out a few styles.  Often times, when you choose your salon or hairstylist for the big day, they will set up an appointment with you to do a trial run a few days prior to your wedding.  This way, you can ensure the look is exactly what you want it to be on your wedding day.  It also allows you to wear your hairstyle out and about to see if your hair will hold the do for a specific length of time.

If you’re doing your hair yourself, try a couple of practice runs, and be sure to test your styles out while wearing your veil around the house for a few hours.  You don’t want your veil or hairstyle to fall out on your wedding day, so ensure everything is in place.  For up dos, the key is hairspray, pins, hairspray, hairspray, hairspray!  There are many videos online for tips on up dos or styling your hair.

If you simply can’t decide between wearing your hair up or down, a possible solution could be to wear a couple of styles on your wedding day.  You could start your wedding day off with your hair down, and when you break for your reception, you could change to an up do.  Some brides even change dresses for the reception.  This would be a great time to model a different style, as well as get your hair off your shoulders.  Having your hair up during the reception will keep you a little cooler as you mingle with family and friends or dance the night away.  Whatever style you choose, ensure you are comfortable, and that you don’t have to fuss too much with your hair or veil.  Your focus shouldn’t be on fiddling with your hair – but on enjoying one of the biggest celebrations of your life!



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