1.  Join a gym or get a trainer:

Obviously you will need to look into joining a gym or hiring a trainer months before your wedding day, you can even start considering this right when you get engaged!  If you want to stick to a workout regimen to lose a specific amount of weight, or you just want to tone up your physique to ensure you feel your absolute best on your wedding day, try talking to a trainer in your area to find out the best ways to meet your goals.


2.  Teeth whitening: 

You’ll be smiling for photos, friends, and family all day, make your smile shine!  Whether you get professional whitening done or use Crest White Strips or brighten your smile, this is a very easy way to drastically improve your smile and appearance for your wedding day!




3.  Facial:

Purifying and cleansing your skin with facials is a great way to feel fresh on your wedding day – or any day for that matter!  Just remember to start facials a month or more prior to your wedding day.  This way you can ensure that your skin has settled and is accustomed to the cleansing process.


4.  Manicure/Pedicure:

Getting your nails done is a great way to relax, as well as to add a little color to your fingers and toes for your wedding day!  Typically, you will want to do this approximately 3-5 days before your wedding.  This will ensure you are not rushing to a nail appointment just before your big day, but it also doesn’t have time to chip or grow out. Today, you can also have acrylic nails or shellac used on your nails, which will last longer than standard nail polish.  Some brides add rhinestones or a sparkly nail overcoat to top of their wedding look!


5.  Hair removal:

Everyone wants to be nice and smooth for their wedding day, and of course their wedding night!  Types of hair removal you can consider prior to your big day are shaving, waxing, electrolysis, or laser hair removal.  If you’re choosing something more permanent, you should consider electrolysis or laser hair removal.  This will often take a number of visits, so you will want to look into this option at least 6 months prior to your wedding day.  If you’re going to try waxing before your wedding day, go a couple of weeks before in order to test all the areas you plan on getting waxed.  This way you can see how your skin reacts to the treatment.  Finally, before the big day, you will want to do the final waxing 2-3 days prior to your wedding.  This way any redness or rashes can fade before your wedding night.


6.  Eyebrows:

Too many people take their eyebrows for granted.  Getting your eyebrows shaped and shaded prior to your wedding day can add a dramatic effect to your eyes, and can give you that gorgeous look you want for your wedding pictures.  Your makeup artist can typically shade in your brows on your wedding day, but they do not typically tweeze or shape your brows.  You should have the tweezing or waxing done approximately 3-5 days prior to your wedding day.


7.  Hair Treatment/Hairstyle:

It’s always a good idea to get your hair cut and highlighted approximately 1-2 weeks prior to your wedding day.  This way, you can get a fresh cut, but you also have time to ensure you like the style and color.  Try adding a hot oil hair treatment to your hair to give you a little extra shine!  You’ll also have to schedule your hair appointment for your wedding day do a few months in advance.  Ensure you have a test run prior to your wedding day to ensure you are completely comfortable with the hairstyle, and have tested it out with your veil or headpiece as well.


8.  Massage:

What better way to ease all of your wedding planning tensions than with a massage!  This is such a nice way to relax with your girlfriends, mother, mother-in-law, bridesmaids, or just by yourself before your big day.  Try a deep tissue massage for extra relief in those tense areas.  When you leave the masseuse’s office, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the next few days of wedding planning!


9.  Makeup:

Whether you do your own makeup or have it professionally done, it is a good idea to have a test run (or more) with a professional to see types of makeup choices and colors, and to match the look that you want to have on your wedding day.  Try a look that’s more played up than you usually wear, and ask for opinions from your friends and family.  Try a more natural look that may shine beautifully with your pure, white dress.  Going to the mall is another great idea.  Often times, they are willing to show you products that will match your skin tone, and will show you different ways to use the makeup they supply.


10.  Tanning/Bronzer:

Having a little color on your wedding day is always nice.  Rather than tanning beds, a more safe and healthy way to get a little color is to try a spray tan or simply put a little bronzer on your face and neck.  Be sure to test out the spray tan a few months prior to your wedding to see if that would be a possibility for you.  If you don’t like it, you’ll have enough time for it to completely fade away.  Also, test out bronzers either by yourself or with the makeup artist you chose for your wedding day.



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